• How and where to get your hands on Livity? March 28 2015

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  • Stealing your moment... October 20 2014

    We have created Livity in the hope that we can inspire you to be the absolute best version of yourself, to live everyday and aim to be present in every moment.

    We are completely aware of how busy and hectic the pace of our modern day lives have become.

    We know just how hard it is to keep on track when it comes to goals such as nourishing yourself and putting the practice of self care, front and centre in your life. 

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  • Welcome to Livity - we hope you live it, love it! X October 03 2014

    Welcome to our little world of cold-pressed goodness.

    Without a doubt the establishment of Livity has been a labour of love for us.

    We have poured out hearts and souls in to it's development for the past year.

    Every juice blend that you see is the result of numerous juice trials and testings being pushed upon family and friends.

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