Stealing your moment... October 20 2014


We have created Livity in the hope that we can inspire you to be the absolute best version of yourself, to live everyday and aim to be present in every moment.

We are completely aware of how busy and hectic the pace of our modern day lives have become.

We know just how hard it is to keep on track when it comes to goals such as nourishing yourself and putting the practice of self care, front and centre in your life. 

However, we also know just how great you feel when you do make your own health and well being a priority.

You benefit so much, feeling renewed, energised and happier in your own skin. As a result everyone else in your life benefits. It really is a win win. 

So today, make it a priority to do something special for yourself.

Maybe it's an early morning walk, sneaking a cuppa and a quite moment in the sunshine, tending your garden, hitting the surf or the gym, a spot of yoga, getting your bake on, soaking in the tub or having a little nap in the daytime.

I know...STOP. IT. Don't they all sound amazing? Yet every single one of them is so damn simple!

We say do it! Folding the washing can wait, so can emails, dishes, errands and grocery shopping.

So go on... steal your moment and do something for yourself, it's brilliant for your bod, mind and soul.

It will energise or relax you (depending on what you choose to do with your moment and what you are craving), and without a doubt it will inspire in you a greater sense of contentment, plus, we think you completely deserve it.

Live it. Love it.

Livity X