Our Story

Here at Livity we will help you become the very best you. Our aim is to get you living the fullest life you can, where nothing is holding you back; the sky’s the limit and we want you to fly. 

In this fast pace journey we call life it’s impossible to keep on track with your health and well-being 100% of the time and the busier you get the tougher it becomes. 

So we have taken all the hard work out for you and created our 1 and 3 day cleanses using our state of the art cold press machine. In conjunction with our naturopath and a big hand from Mother Nature, we have sourced a rainbow of high quality fresh produce to develop our range of juices, green smoothies and fresh meals, which are truly health elixirs, flooding your body with pure natural nutrition which will get you beaming on the inside and out. 

Made right here in Margaret River, our cold press juice range has been lovingly created and hand crafted to ensure it packs a punch in terms of both flavour and nutrients. So not only will it taste amazing, you will feel amazing knowing you are nourishing your body with pure, natural, life giving, skin glowing, toe-tapping, crazy good, ridiculously delicious and totally nutritious, cold-pressed goodness.

Who are we?

Livity Margaret River was created in 2014 by two friends passionate about life. We purchased the business in 2017 as we too caught the Livity bug! Livity essentially means life, love, loving other people in the same way you love yourself, being connected to the Earth and everything that sustains it. As a busy family, running a farm and ferrying kids from school, to sport to music practice, we know how hard it is to remember to take care of yourself (as well as the kids!). The aim of Livity is to help busy everyday people make their health a priority. We love the simplicity of the Livity product and want to continue the journey started by the founders.

We are keen to share our produce with you all. We have an organic farm, where we aim to grow many of the delicious ingredients that are used to make these nutritious juices.


As a family we returned to the region as we wanted to escape the busy, disconnected lifestyle we were living in the city. Our farm is our way of reconnecting with the land and as a family. We believe in sustainable practices, which is why we have chosen to be organic, and we run chooks, sheep and cattle on the property to provide natural fertilizer using the Regrarian System for Agriculture. We live off grid and as much as possible, try to reduce our impact.

Livity is a great way to enjoy a quick, healthy pick me up! We hope that you love it as much as we do.

Wishing you health, love and laughter, 

Rob, Clare, James and Jasmin