It is important to be well prepared and educated when commencing a cleanse. You should mentally prepare yourself, and go into it feeling confident and dedicated, with a clear understanding of the effects of purification, both physical and mental.

In the days leading up to your cleanse it is beneficial to simplify your diet by reducing foods such as meat, fatty and processed foods, refined sugar, caffeine, drugs, alcohol and nicotine.

You should also increase your water, as well as fruits and vegetables in the 2 days prior to your cleanse.

Make sure you create space in your life for your cleanse – that includes your fridge!

Also choose a time when you can be a little self-indulgent if at all possible (we have little kids – we know this can be tough!), where you can rest if you feel the need and participate in some gentle exercise.

Ensure that you have a restful night’s sleep the day before your cleanse commences.



Begin your day with warm water and lemon, as it is a great way to kick start your metabolism and assists greatly in detoxifying the body.

Follow this with your first Livity juice at about the same time that you would usually be having your breakfast.

Using the guide we have provided in your Livity package continue consuming your drinks throughout the day, approximately 2 hours apart.

Don't forget to drink 2 litres of additional filtered water, to assist in the flushing of toxins.

To mix it up a little consume decaffeinated herbal tea as often as you like.

Take it easy if at all possible and try to enjoy the ride!

To get the optimal benefits from your cleanse head to the Cleanse Enhancers tab on the website.



Once you have completed your cleanse it is a good idea to gradually reintroduce solids. Start with simple raw foods like salads and fruit, resuming your normal diet over the course of a few days. Keep it simple by having fresh and light meals (we will keep our cleansers in the loop with tried and tested recipes via email). For example on your first day post cleanse your meals might look as follows;


Green Smoothie


Raw salad


Vegetable Soup


You may find that you no longer crave the foods you indulged in before and will instead be drawn to more vibrant, healthy and nourishing options, at least we hope so.

We encourage you to set yourself up for success!! Get prepared with a range of alkalizing, fresh, healthy and delicious produce. Think green vegetables, herbs, avocados, lemon, nuts and seeds. Your local Farmer’s Markets, especially the amazing one we have here in Margaret River, are a great place to stock up on quality produce.

It is a great idea to keep the cleanse enhancers that you have been using, so you can reap the benefits every day!

Use this opportunity to look at the habits you had before the cleanse and consider whether you would like to discard them and perhaps adopt some of the new ones you may have experienced throughout the cleanse.

Finally if you have loved Livity and the way it has made you feel you can easily incorporate our beverages into your life on a regular basis, just get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction. We appreciate and welcome your feedback and we would love you to share the Livity love. You can find us on Facebook at Livity Margaret River and on Instagram @LivityMargaretRiver to keep up to date.