What is a juice cleanse?
A juice cleanse is a brief, nutrient dense, raw all liquid diet that is used to aid in achieving our optimal well being. Regular meals are replaced with delicious, wholesome, raw, freshly cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and silky smooth nut milks.You will consume 6 x 500ml Livity drinks per day with the addition of decaffeinated herbal teas and filtered water.
Why cleanse?
A cleanse is literally giving your body a brisk spring clean and it will also strengthen the bodies self healing mechanisms.
It also gives your body a break; a mini holiday from the hard work of digestion which uses a great deal of your energy. A cleanse gives you an opportunity to concentrate that extra energy on healing the body and mind, removing unwanted toxins, cleaning our organs and boosting our immune system, all whilst flooding it with high quality, natural and easily absorbed nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. Our cleanse inspires you to move confidently in the direction of you health goals.
We are constantly exposed to processed food and drinks, fatty foods, alcohol and stress and in our busy lives sometimes we find ourselves choosing nutrient empty options because its ‘easy’ rather than those jam-packed full of goodness like the juices we have created. Our Livity cleanse will motivate you to reassess how you feed your body, encouraging you to start treating it with love and flooding it with its optimal fuel, the kind that makes you feel amazing and glow from within.
It’s a great kick-start for changing bad habits and developing a new healthier lifestyle. Our constant support will help you carry this drive with you, inspiring you to make choices which benefit and nourish your body everyday, bringing balance back into your life and let’s face it...we could all use a little more of that.
What are the benefits of cleansing?
The benefits of cleansing will be felt differently by each individual. We have listed possible benefits you may experience below.
  • Increased energy levels and renewed vitality
  • Mental clarity and increased self-awareness
  • Glowing skin, healthy hair and nails
  • Optimisation in weight
  • Improvement in sleep habits - restful and deeper
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Balanced blood sugar levels and pH
  • Reduction of sugar cravings
  • Reduction in cravings of other addictive substances such as caffeine, alcohol, fatty and processed foods
  • Release of long-held toxins and colon cleansing
  • Rejuvenation at a cellular level, tissue and organ cleansing as well as blood rebuilding
When and how often should I cleanse?
If you feel like you are lacking energy or would like to kick start the transition to a healthier lifestyle and diet, then it is the perfect time to cleanse.
Our naturopath recommends a 3 day cleanse at the change of every season, with smaller 1 day cleanses in between. Many people choose to complete 2 x 1 day cleanses per week.
Can I eat whilst cleansing?
We have created our cleanse as a juice fast - this means no solid food. If you choose to consume solids the benefits of the cleanse will be greatly diminished as the body will again have to put it's energy into the digestive process.
Can I drink coffee or alcohol whilst cleansing?
Nope. Sorry. You knew we were going to say that right? Just the beverages we provide you along with decaffeinated herbal teas and loads of filtered water. If you feel like a change from the juice try some of our delicious Livity Detox blend - this herbal tea has been hand-crafted by our naturopath to increase the benefits of your cleanse. 
Can I exercise whilst cleansing?
During the cleanse it is important to keep your body moving as physical activity stimulates the lymphatic and blood systems, assisting in the elimination of toxins. You will receive ample nutrients and energy from your Livity cleanse package, however please note, extreme physical activity should be avoided. Great activities to do whilst cleansing are walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming or any other light activity.
A time to relax is equally important. Be sure to rest when needed and if you practice meditation this will go hand in hand with your cleanse so keep it up or feel free to introduce this calming influence into your life. If your job is highly stressful or physical, it is a good idea to cleanse over the weekend when you have time to relax and commit to the cleanse.
How will I feel whilst I cleanse?
Whilst doing the cleanse you may feel fabulous with loads of energy, glowing skin, a clear head and a zest and enthusiasm for life. Alternatively, you may have headaches, feel tired, grumpy, miserable and just generally be out of sorts… don’t worry the good stuff is coming your way!
What we are hoping to convey is that everybody is different and everyone’s cleanse experience will be unique to them. If you can - embrace it, be accepting of how you feel (without dwelling on it) and treat yourself gently with love and kindness, in doing this we believe your experience will be as positive and renewing as it possibly can be.
If you have a symptom you are unsure of please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will let you know if it's something you should be concerned about or a typical symptom of cleansing.
Ensuring that you have the necessary means to stay regular, as this is one of the key ways in which your body eliminates toxins, is important.
You may choose to use slippery elm, psyllium husks (included in your cleanse package), unprocessed bran, a high quality organic laxative, enemas.
For further info on that delicate topic, please just email us, as it is important and we are more than happy to give you some tips.
Who should cleanse with caution?

We do not recommend a cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as during this time your body requires additional food to nourish your baby.
If you have a medical condition it is best that you consult a health care professional before taking part in a cleanse.
Will a cleanse help me to lose weight?
Livity cleanse has not been created as a weight loss tool. Although, you may find that you do lose weight after completing the cleanse, however the weight may return when you adopt your regular eating habits. It is however a useful tool for weight loss as it encourages and kick starts you in the development of healthy lifestyle changes.
Are our products organic?
You know what folks? In an ideal world we would absolutely love to be organic! But due to availability and cost of organic produce in WA it would have hugely increased the cost of our cleanse. In time we hope to provide an organic option for those that want and can afford to buy it. Until then please rest assured that we buy excellent quality, so Livity is always jam packed full of goodness. Please note we wash all produce before we press it.
We are great mates with the legends at The Garden Basket on Station Road – these guys take their fresh produce very seriously! They have fabulous relationships with local growers and bring us the best stuff they can get their hands on so we can make you the most delicious and nutritious juice going around. They also have some suppliers who provide organic but non certified produce which we use whenever we can, for example we are lucky enough to be able to use organic kale that grows as big as a small shrub…it’s amazing!! We also grow some of our own produce which we use whenever it is available to us – we are lucky to have some green thumbed people in our Livity family and they are always lovingly tending our garden to bring us the goods!
What is the difference between cold pressed juice and juice from my regular juicer?
Cold pressed is a form of juice extraction which maintains the nutritional integrity of Mother Nature’s ingredients. This ensures the freshest and tastiest juice possible, whilst preserving vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
Due to the precise nature of cold press juice extraction, there is minimal air and heat introduced into the juice (unlike standard centrifugal juicers) so very little oxidisation occurs. As a result you can enjoy the juice 3-5 days later without compromising its nutritional value (we recommend you get into it on or before the third day as that is when it is at its absolute best!).
Why has my juice separated?
Your juice has separated as it is completely natural. Unlike juices you might typically buy it has no preservatives or stabilisers, it has not been heat or pressure treated. It is 100% raw, natural goodness.
So it's separated...what to do? What to do? Shake it baby, shake it like a Polaroid picture. Simple.
What should we do with all of our bottles?
You are obviously most welcome to reuse them yourself, however if you would like to and we certainly hope you do - we are really keen to recycle them ourselves (all bottles will be sterilised). So if it's not too much trouble can we ask that you give them a quick rinse after completing each juice, pop them back in the box in which they came, then just drop us a line and we can arrange collection. We believe in being sustainable and doing our bit to look after our beautiful planet and we sincerely hope you would like to get on board.
I still have questions!
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are super friendly and would love to answer any questions you may have and accommodate you in any way we can. Also don’t forget that we will be with you every step of the way emailing you encouragement, recipes, easy exercises and tips to complement your cleanse, we really want you to enjoy the experience!