Herbal tea hand-crafted with love by our talented naturopath, read what she has to share about this delicious blend.

Earthy, cleansing with just a hint of sweetness this tea is the ideal compliment to your Livity cleanse, accentuating all channels of elimination. It especially assists clearing and rejuvenating the entire digestive system, including the liver. It holds added benefits with lymphatic and blood cleansing herbs to help remove toxins completely from the body. Along with immune boosting shitake and blood sugar balancing cinnamon, this tea is nothing less than a full body tonic in a cup.

Steep for at least 5 minutes in a tea infuser or tea pot before drinking, enjoy.

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Herbal tea hand-crafted with love by our talented naturopath, read what she has to say about this beautiful blend.


This visually seductive and highly aromatic tea is astringent and tart, combined with the smooth sweetness of vanilla bean. Strangely satisfying it offers the calming and restorative qualities held of withania root, a refreshing hit of lemongrass along with the potent antioxidant promise of hibiscus flowers. As well as being an excellent nutritive addition to your Livity cleanse, this tea may just be the 'something' to get you thru when 'something' is needed.



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 Ginger / Turmeric / Orange / Lemon / Lime

Ginger, turmeric and a zingy blend of citrus combine in potent quantities to create this powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, immune and energy boosting elixir.

Indonesians have long believed in the powerful healing benefits of this blend and it is said to be a complete health tonic.

So we here at Livity have done the hard work and freshly cold pressed it for you!

Depending on your personal tastes you can add a pinch of cayenne or black pepper to this blend which assists the body in absorbing the powerful beneficial properties of turmeric or a dash of honey if you find the blend a little too punchy (it's meant to be!).

Our naturopath recommends consuming a shot every day to promote good health.

Jamu is available for pre-order and collection every Tuesday and Friday  from The Garden Basket in Margaret River and Merchant & Maker in Dunsborough. (50ml shots can be found for purchase without pre-ordering in both of these stores.)

Orders MUST be in by 6pm Sunday for Tuesday collection and by 6pm Wednesday for Friday collection.

Be sure to select the delivery/collection option suited to you at the checkout.

Please note home deliveries are NOT available for this product.

If you would like to pay cash on collection enter the code JAMU (500ml) and TONIC (250ml), at the checkout and bring the correct money in an envelope to pass on to staff at the store (this option is available for Garden Basket collection only).

If you have a citrus sensitivity Jamu may not be suitable for you.